Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies Junior Program

Adult Weekend

This weekend was created at the request of envious parents. While dropping off their children, they were loathe to leave. They began lobbying for their share of time relaxing under the cool green foliage, watching the sunset from the mountaintop, sleeping to the sound of owls and katydids, waking to birdsong, and trying their hands at the various activities and inactivities of camp life.

The population includes adults in their 20s to 80s. While this program has built a strong following of enthusiastic and congenial attendees, each year brings folks who are entirely new to BCWS. Some are constantly active. Some read in the hammocks, laze by the pond, or relish a solitary stroll.

Adult Weekend

Adult Weekend

Jul 26 – Jul 28

Ages 21+
3 days
First-time / all campers

Adult Program Description

The staff offers a large selection of workshops and hikes (and will add further options based on suggestions), but the beauty of being a grown-up camper is that all the schedule is optional. The menu is designed to please adult palates, including vegetarian options. Wine and beer are served before and during dinner. Snacks are available throughout the day.

While the same sleeping spaces are used for Adult Weekend as for the other programs, many participants choose to bring their own tent for privacy. There are tent platforms and many great tenting sites available.

Attendees may find this Adult Weekend Packing List useful. Before attending, you will be asked to supply minimal information on a health form.

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Packing List


Program Goals
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Preparation for 1st Time Campers

A typical Adult Weekend day

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7:00 Wake up bell

6:30 Early bird activities


7:00 Wake up

school pond scenery

7:30 Breakfast


adult weekend workshop

9:00 Activities


Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies Programn Day 15

12:00 Lunch


Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies Swimming In The Lake

1:00 Rest/Swim



3:00 Activities


Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies Nature Camp Morning 767

6:00   Dinner


7:30 Evening Program


IMG 1900

10:30 Quiet