Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies

The Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies

is an overnight nature camp offering co-ed sessions for eight year olds to adults. Located in a wildlife sanctuary of over 600 acres in West Virginia and accredited by the American Camp Association, our program is designed for individuals drawn to nature and the outdoors.

Within our friendly, non-competitive community, staff incorporate creativity, humor, hiking, arts, and music into our nature programming. Campers engage with local flora, fauna, and geology, while grappling with larger concepts of astronomy, ecology, and conservation. Our small size (no more than 36 campers!) allows us to inspire creativity, respect, and growth in each individual, and draws campers and staff back year after year.

Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies
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Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies Nature Camp Morning 767

It’s a summer nature camp morning!

You wake to sunlight and birdsong. You have free time before breakfast. You could take a dip in the pond, or join a birding group. Stroll out to the field and watch the mist rise from the ridges.

The breakfast bell rings, and you head in to eat with other campers and staff. The food is cooked from scratch, and it’s delicious. There is a sudden hush: A doe and fawn sighted, a wood thrush singing, or a black rat snake slithering by? That is the kind of community you are in.

After an outlandish skit weighing food scraps, there may be reminders to sign up for a camping trip or to prepare for the butterfly census.

Onwards into workshops or a personal project for the morning, hikes, games or arts in the afternoon, and more possibilities for the evening. The day will bring variety, surprise, laughter, camaraderie, and the richness of the natural world.



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